How to avail a loan from bank in Bangladesh?

Whatever credit facility you are looking for, you will surely find it from a bank. Banks provide a comprehensive selection of facilities to offer, from a simple personal loan, credit cards, auto loan and overdraft facilities to home loan.

Features of a bank loan:-

Loan amounts can be maximum Tk. 10000000.
 Flexible repayment option of 12 - 60 months for personal loan, in case of other loan it can be maximum 25 years.
 No hidden charges
 If it is a personal loan, Interest rates are higher than other secured loan as like home loan or auto loan.
 Easy documentation and quick processing
 Option for early settlement
Equated Monthly Installments’ (EMI) based repayment


Who can apply?
Salaried professionals
 Business persons
Landlord or landlady
 Self-employed Individuals
Work Experience:-

It can vary bank to bank but most of banks 1-3 year Work Experience required


National ID/Passport
Letter of Introduction (Salaried professionals)
Business document
Rental document (Landlord or landlady )
Other securitization documents for secured loan as like Mortgage

Some of pioneer bank at retails operation in Bangladesh are:-

1)standard chartered Bangladesh


3) Brac Bank Limited

**Features and other condition can be changed depending on respective bank policy.

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