Cover Letter

What is cover letter and why it’s required?

A cover letter summarizes you and your resume in a maximum of four paragraphs and gives an employer a complete idea about your abilities and experience in just one page. It thus, convinces the reader to consider your application and make a decision for reviewing your resume with sheer attention.

Another important thing in writing a cover letter is to not make it look like your resume. You should write enough to present the best of you in front of the employer but not write so much that the employer loses his/her mind and decided to dump your letter. You must keep in mind that you are applying only to a single employer, but the employer gets many applications, so you must respect his/her time.

The format of the cover letter is similar to a formal letter. Your name and contact details, should be highlighted. This gives ease to the employer to contact you immediately.

Sample of Cover Letter:-

Dear Sir,

In a response to your advertisement, on you website, for the post of "Post Name", I would like to offer myself as deserving candidate. In this regard I would like to inform you that I am having bachelor and master’s degree in marketing and I have also work in relevant field for almost 2 and half years. So, I certainly think I met the requirements for the mention post. So, I am attaching my curriculum vitae for your kind consideration.
I, therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to consider me as a candidate for the post mention above. I hope to work with a mood of dedication and sincerity which will be able to meet the standards of your Bank.

I am looking forward to your kind response.

Your Name
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