How to open DPS (Deposit Pension Scheme) in Meghna Bank Limited

Meghna Bank Limited Deposit Pension Scheme is a special savings plan which allows you to deposit on EMI basis and receive a lump sum amount (principal + interest) at maturity (For 3 Yrs, 4 Yrs, 5 Yrs, 8 Yrs, 10 Yrs,).

Required Supporting Document:-

-Two copies of recent passport size photograph of the DPS Account Holder(s) duly attested by the Introducer/any official of the bank.
-Recent Passport size photograph of the Nominee(s) attested by the DPS Account Holder(s).
-Photocopy of valid Passport or National ID or Driving License or Nationality Certificate issued by Municipal/City Corporation Ward Commissioner or Union Porishad Chairman.


-You can open DPS in single name.
-Minimum Monthly Deposit size is BDT 500.00.
-You have the option of depositing any amount in multiples of BDT 500.00 subject to maximum of BDT 20,000.00
-Tenure ranges from 3, 4, 5, 8 & 10 years
-You may deposit your EMI on any day of the month
-You can avail loan up to 90% of principal deposit amount after 12 months of regular operation of DPS Account.

-Premature closure is possible conditionally

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