Secure Your Future with a banking career in Bangladesh

Banks are institutions that take care of the money of individuals and corporate, provide loans to people for business or personal use. They also offer a wide range of services like exchange of foreign currency, Investment Banking, Mutual Funds, Insurance Business, D-mat services, Online trading of shares, providing public utility services like e-tickets, payment of bills, educative services etc. Environment in Banks One reason to be excited about banking as a career is the rapid change taking place. The jobs are becoming comfortable, as the physical environment is pleasing and computerization has taken the load off tedious jobs. As competition increases, a good banker will certainly be in great demand.

Scope of Career in Banks: 

A career in the banks has always been a sought-after one. Fascination with banking services has never been higher than at present. With the advent of private and foreign banks, the interest of youth in joining banks has only increased further. Another notable factor has also been the pay package which has fattened considerably with the coming of these banks.


As the industry is growing there is no dearth of opportunities. In nationalized banks, one can expect regular promotions while in private banks it is performance that is rewarded. As financial services get automated, the industry requires a large number of computer experts.

Career in Banking-Positions for Entry: 

Career in Banking-Positions for Entry Openings are available at various levels: from bank clerks to probationary officers (PO), IT Officers, Management trainee, Assistant Officers, etc. There is good scope for professionals with some experience like MBAs, CAs for Direct entry as Manager, Sr Manager. There is scope for Technical posts like Agriculture Officers, Industry Officers, Law Officers, and Public Relation Officer.

Qualifications for Banking Jobs in Bangladesh:

Qualifications for Banking Jobs For Probationary Officers, Management Trainee Officer Minimum Qualifications are Graduation with good marks and above. Age should be 21to 30 years entry position. Minimum two or three first class or equivalent marks or grade required for those post. Any Third division or class is not considerable in any Bank.

Features of Banking Jobs: 

The best features of the job are security, good perks and salary, besides the prospects of loans for employees. There is good scope for promotions. The good things for the job-seekers in this field are that demand for trained professionals has increased substantially. The latter is true for private banks, which offer better salaries but correspondingly less job security.

General Requirements For Bank Jobs: 

Job Requirements of Bank jobs come with responsibility, as the banker handles other people's money. The person must be service-oriented and like to look after customers. Assess your aptitude before joining a career in banking. The personality required is a mix: for marketing and meeting customers an outgoing personality is required, while for keeping accounts a diligent and persevering attitude is required.

Source of information about jobs: 

The advertisements for recruitment appear on website of respective banks, in newspapers as well as which is a dedicated website for Bank job seekers, Bankers and aspiring bankers.

Subjects for Banking Exams: 

Subjects for Banking Exams Recruitments are on the basis of a written test, including  General Math, General Awareness, Test of reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English language including Reading comprehension, Appropriate Meaning of word,  Sentence Completion, Identification of Errors, synonym and antonym, Analogy, Data sufficiency, sentence making, Essay writing, Fill-in the gaps etc  IT Terminology, Concepts of Marketing and/or a descriptive test.

Preparation for interview: 

After the written examination, the short-listed candidates are called for an interview. General questions are asked to check the candidate's general awareness and relevant issues related to Economy. Interview focuses on the candidates’ aptitude on Decision Making, Risk Taking, Marketing, Knowledge of Computer and Aptitude for accepting Challenges. Preparation for interview

Bank Career in Bangladesh

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