Question and Answer from Bank Job Recruitment Written Test or MCQ examination

   English Model Questions for Bank Jobs

Fill in the Blanks
1. No one can ____ that he is clever.
Answer: Deny

2. In winter people bask ____ the sun.
Answer: in
3. She is vain ____ her dress.
Answer: of
4. When a character speaks his thoughts alone it is called —–?
Answer: Soliloquy

5. The lady is not amenable____ reason.
Answer: to
6. I cannot part        my pen.
Answer: with
7. If we want concrete proof, we are looking for ——?
Answer: Clear Evidence
8. Our path is beset ____difficulties.
Answer: with
9. A tax was imposed ____cigarettes.
Answer: on
10. I told you        the book.
Answer: about
11. He was about ____die.
Answer: to
12. Tom hit ___ an excellent idea.
Answer: upon
13. I ran ____her.
Answer: to
14. The ministers arrived __________ a decision last night .
Answer: at

15. He is devoid ___ common sense.
Answer: of 

16. Bangladesh is rich ____ natural gas.
Answer: in
17. Always be prepare ____the work.
Answer: for
18. He ran fast lest he _________ miss the train.
Answer: should

19. What are you so angry ______?
Answer: for

20. To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced ________.
Answer : Diet

21. English grammar is not ________ to understand.
Answer: too difficult

22. He rescued the child ____ danger.
Answer: from
23. When something is out of its time it is called ——–?
Answer: anachronism

24. I don’t know what she is talking _______.
Answer: about

25. we are still short ____fund.
Answer: of
26. In what way is your job _______ than mine?
Answer: better

27. In case _______ fire, leave the building.
Answer: of

28. He fantasized _________ winning the lottery.
Answer: about
29. I have no appetite ____food.
Answer: for
30. I have no objection ____the proposal.
Answer: to

Question and Answer from English Literature

  • To be or not to be‘ is the beginning of a famous soliloquy from – Hamlet.

  • The father of English Poem – Geoffrey Chaucer

  • Francis Bacon is an – Essayist

  • ‘Renaissance’ means – the revival of learning

  • Elizabethan tragedy is centered on – Revenge

  • Most famous satirist in English literature – Jonathan Swift

  • lexicographer is a person who writes – dictionaries

  • The father of English Novel – Daniel Defoe

  • The English Poet who addicted to opium – S.T. Coleridge

  • The Golden Age of English Literature – the Elizabethan Age

  • The author of the book ‘Asian Drama ‘ is – Gunnar Myrdal

  • Protagonist indicates –the leading character in a play

  • sonnet is a poem having fourteen lines

  • ‘Blank Verse’ is a kind of verse –having no rhyming end

  • The real name of O’Henry – William Sydney Porter.

  • To Daffodils‘ is written by – Robert Herrick

  • Goethe is the greatest poet of – Germany

  • Romeo and Juliet‘ is a tragedy

  • A Passage to India‘ is written by – E.M Forster

  • William Blake was both -a poet and painter

  • The full name of the tragedy ‘Dr.Faustus‘ – The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus

Grammatical Section Fill in the gaps:

  • Man has no escape from death.
  • A drowning man catches at a straw.
  • Alcohol is injurious to health.
  • I cannot part with the man.
  • The girl looks after her grandmother.
  • She  was sliding into depression.
  • A style of reporting must confirm to the prevailing practice.
  • He is not ashamed of his mistake.
  • He died from over eating.
  • I count on your help.
  • People usually differ in their opinions.
  • Ali is the stronger of the two brothers.
  • We shall return before the sun sets.
  • When water freezes it turns into ice.
  • Do not interfere with nature.

Question and Answer from   Science and Technology

  • Full form of ‘CNG’ is – Compressed Natural Gas

  • A bit is binary representation and can take either of the two values – 0 or 1

  • Chemical name of Alum used for purifying water is – Aluminum Sulphate

  • Steam Engine was invented by – James Watt

  • Electricity consumption or use is measured in – KWH ( Kilo Watt per hour)

  • The remotest planet in the solar system – Neptune

  • The natural temperature of human body in Celsius scale is -36.9 degree Celsius

  • We receive Vitamin D from – Sunshine

  • The most distinctive difference between a LAN and a WAN is – Distance covered

  • Earthquakes are recorded – Seismograph

  • The longest day is in the month of – June

  • ‘IRATOM’ is a – One kind of highbred rice

  • In nature the hardest material -diamond

  • ‘Red Planet’ is called – the Mars

  • device that reads text and images directly into computer is called – Scanner

  • WWW stands for – World Wide Web

  • The apparatus to measure purity of milk is – Lactometer

  • MS Excel is a – Spreadsheet Software

  • ‘My Document’  by default located at – C Drive

  • Father of the personal computercomputing – Dr. Henry  Edward

Question and Answer from International Affairs

  • Name of the European common currency – Euro

  • OIC is established in – 1969

  • The first postage stamp in the world – Penny Black

  • Pearl Harbor, where the American Pacific Fleet was stationed, was attacked by Japanese in – 1941

  • The second largest Muslim Country in the world  is – Pakistan

  • The most importer country in the world – the USA

  • The name of the organization working worldwide  against corruption – Transparency International

  • The world’s largest nuclear power station – Kashiwazaki Kariwa(Japan)

  • SAARC Agriculture Information Centre (SAIC) is situated in – Dhaka

  • Largest city of India – Mumbai

  • Reuters is a – News Agency

  • The largest tea exporter country  in the world – Sri Lanka

  • The Headquarters of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) – Jeddah

  • Number of Permanent members of UN Security Council is – 5

  • Previous name of Japan – Nippon

  • ‘Line of Control‘ -is situated between – India and Pakistan

  • Elaboration of IBSA is – India, Brazil and South Africa

  • Wall Street is – The Stock Exchange Market in New York.

  • The name of Indonesian Currency – Rupiah

  • The World Bank is an – International Financial Institution

  • IDA, organization of the World Bank is known as the -‘Soft Loan Window’

Computer Knowledge

The brain of a computer – Micro Processor

CAD stands for –Computer Aided Design

Key Board of a computer is an Input Device

Unix is an –Operating System.

A computer virus is a computer program

“ORACLE” is a –database software

RAM in computer stands for – Random Access memory

The “ Add or Remove” programs utility can be found in – Control Panel

“Windows” is a computer software developed by “Microsoft Corporation”

Opera, IE (Internet Explorer),Mozilla, Google Chrome are – Internet Browsing Software

International Affairs

Second Largest (area) country in the world – Canada

East and West Germany were united in the year – 1990

The preferential trade arrangements among the SAARC countries are known as –SAPTA

‘Port Blayer’ island is in Indian Ocean

Name of the currency of Brunei – Brunei dollar

Capital of Brunei – Bandar Seri Bhagwan

“Tahrir Square “ is located in – Cairo, Egypt

“Sejm” is the name of the Parliament of – Poland

Name of the father of modern democracy – John Locke

Fiscal year of USA starts in -1st October

“Knesset” is the name of the parliament of – Israel

“SABENA” is a famous airline of Belgium

Old Name of “Ethiopia” – Abyssinia

Name of the architect of Sydney Opera House – John Utzon (Denmark)

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